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Be a CATALYST for change!

Igniting community-driven change

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Help families in need today

Our mission has remained the same even with the current pandemic. When you donate to Catalyst Miami, you are supporting solutions to Miami's most pressing challenges that low-wealth individuals and families face.

If you believe in advancing equity, training our future leaders, and creating change that starts from within our communities, you already embody what Catalyst Miami is about. With your support, we can continue our work to create a more just and equitable Miami in which all communities thrive.

We help ensure that families’ basic needs are met, provide coaching and tools to establish long-term wellness, and create effective coalitions of change-makers.

Here is a snippet of our work:

Emergency Services

  • Helping residents apply for the United Way Miami Pandemic Fund, unemployment, Medicaid, SNAP (also known as food stamps), TANF (cash assistance for families), and more.
  • Distributing 500 disaster kits to residents and partners in Overtown, Miami Gardens, and South Dade to help them prepare for hurricane season.
  • Distributing $100,000 to our clients who have lost income due to Covid-19.

Health & Financial Wellness

  • Virtual coaching sessions (financial and health), including credit checks, credit building, budgeting, savings, and debt management
  • Enrolling in non-predatory financial products
  • Tax preparation
  • Technical assistance for small businesses, including worker cooperatives
  • Universal children's savings accounts: City of Miami kindergarten students automatically get a savings account with a seed deposit for their future (Future Bound Miami,

Policy & Advocacy

  • Leadership development trainings, CLEAR and HEAL: Train cohorts on how to become civically active at local and state levels on important issues, including climate resilience and affordable housing.
  • Poverty Solutions Summit, February 4-6, 2021: Conference that brings together local and national experts and community members to learn about and workshop strategies to build economic mobility.
  • Catalyst to the Capital: Annual trip to Tallahassee with staff and community members to advocate to state legislators. Applications open:

Here are some ways we think the Miami-Dade County budget could align better with community priorities:

✔️A $100M investment in the Miami-Dade County Affordable Housing Trust Fund
✔️A $30M addition to the County’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

✔️Increasing the CAHSD Psychological Services budget, as well as the Violence Prevention and Intervention Service program budget
✔️Establishing a safe sobering center as an alternative to incarceration

✔️Reduce the County's jail population by 25% by April 2022 through investments in jail diversion programs and social services
✔️Start a grants program for organizations that support community members impacted by the criminal justice system